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Dust collectors of ЗИЛ type

ЗИЛ-900 ЗИЛ-1600

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General information

–  А motor
–  А ventilation box
–  А cyclone dust separator
–  А secondary bag filters
–  А filter rapping mechanism equipped with a handle
–  А connection port
–  А bunker with a dust scoop to collect dust


Industrial dust collectors of ЗИЛ-900 and ЗИЛ1600 are used to suck and collect dust and variousmetal chips formed during drilling, polishing and metal-cutting operations.

Functional concept

The contaminated air is sucked through the inlet pipe to the primary filter (cyclone dust separator) where large dust particles are removed.
The  air  contaminated  with  fine  dust  particles  passes  to  secondary  bag  filters  where  dust  is removed completely.
The clean air is let out through the upper grille;  the required negative pressure is made by a fan equipped with a high-speed motor. From time to time, usually once per shift, the bag filters are to berapped with a handle to free them from the accumulated dust. Pull the lock aside and rap the filter with the handle. The dust is accumulated in the bunker  which is scooped out when necessary. The electric dust collector can be blocked with ON and OFF buttons.

Operational conditions

– the operational temperature is between – 40 C and + 40 C
– 100 % humidity at +25 C
– the handled medium should not be adhesive or contain fibres, its aggressiveness to carbon steel should not exceed that of atmospheric air


Dust collectors of ZIL type have two modifications with different capacity: ZIL -900 and ZIL-1600.
The  climatic  rating  is  4.2.  in  accordance  to  GOST  15150-69.  The  operational  temperature  is between – 40 C and + 40 C. It is possible to use fanswith the climatic rating 1 to protect them from the environment. The location category (mechanic exposure) is – M21 in accordance with GOST 17516.1-90.

Technical specifications of ЗИЛ-900 and ЗИЛ-1600

№  Specification ZIL-900/ZIL-1600 
1 Air cleaning capability, m3/h 720/1520
2 Acceptable dust content, mg/m3 35
3 Air purification rate, % 99
4 Purified medium Non-explosive, non-aggressive
5 Cleaned surface, m2 2,8 / 3,9
6 Motor type AIR80A2/ AIR80B2
7 Motor capacity, kW 1,5 / 2,2
8 Motor rpm 2835
9 Type of current 99
10 Dimensions (length x width x height) 773 х 715 х 1700 / 773 х 715 х 2100
11 Weight, kg, not exceeding 110 / 150


Overview. Overall dimensions of ЗИЛ-900, ЗИЛ-1600.

Overall dimensions of ЗИЛ-900, ЗИЛ-1600

Dimensions, mm ЗИЛ-900 ЗИЛ-1600
H 1700 2100
D1 135 180
D2 160 210