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Receiving tanks for wastewater and rainwater collection

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General information

Receiving tanks for wastewater and rainwater collection are a good way to reduce the consumption of purified drinking water for businesses and homeowners. Recently, the task of saving water has become very relevant because of quite understandable reasons. According to statistics, the average level of water consumption per person in developed countries is about 100 liters per day. Most of this is spent on watering a variety of household plots and vegetable gardens. Thus, it becomes clear that tap water, which requires huge expenditures for purification, is spent irrationally.


The application of receiving tanks for water collection helps to reduce significantly the consumption of tap water. Our company will manufacture rainwater collection tanks (including underground water tanks) that can be used to irrigate lawns, sidewalks, trees, car washes and other similar needs.

Structural versions

Receiving tanks for water collection can be installed in any open area of ??the enterprise. A water-draining system is connected to them, which sends the accumulated liquid to the cleaning or straight to the processing line. The installation of steel water tanks does not require the connection of any additional apparatus.

Technically, water tanks are a cylindrical steel tank that accumulates rainwater.

The main technical characteristics of tanks for rainwater is their capacity and geometric dimensions. The wall thickness, the availability of special coatings and additional equipment can also be important.

Rainwater tanks are classified according to their location at the facility. There are two main types of rainwater tanks:

  • Ground tanks
  • Underground tanks


What you need to know when ordering water storage tanks

When ordering steel tanks intended for storage of water reserves, you need to specify such parameters:

1 Type of a water tank (They can be vertical, horizontal, underground or ground)
2 Capacity of a steel water tank (in cubic meters)
3 Number of walls of the water tank (they can be single- and double-walled tanks)
4 Number of a steel water tank sections (they can be one-, two- and multi-section tanks)
5 Number of a steel water tank inlets
6 Tank wall thickness