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Water treatment plants ВПУ

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Water treatment is a necessary technological process, the purpose of which is to adjust water parameters in accordance with established norms. This process is widely used in stationary and mobile boiler stations, where it serves for cleaning and softening water, as well as in a number of other industries that use water as a coolant. Water treatment contributes to increasing the intervals between the repair of boiler station equipment, and also prevents the clogging of the internal surface of pipelines and fittings.

Special equipment is used for water treatment, including water treatment plants of ВПУ-1 type, manufactured by our company. At present, plants of this type have been tested and have been successfully used in a number of Russian cities for a long time, where they confirmed their high performance.

ВПУ-1 uses a reagent method of water purification, which differs favourably from a nonreagent method with speed and efficiency: the plant can process up to 1 cubic meter of water per hour.

Water treatment plant is a complex of tank apparatuses, mounted on a rigid frame. Water under pressure enters the ВПУ-1, where it undergoes mechanical filtration and reagent softening. Prepared water from ВПУ-1 through a storage tank is fed into a closed boiler system or other process equipment.

During operation, the cation exchanger is gradually depleted, as a result of which the hardness of the prepared water increases. The time interval during which the cation exchanger fulfills its functions depends on the hardness of the water supplied for treatment, so this interval is determined by calculation or sampling of water with subsequent laboratory tests.

The cation resin КУ-2, used as a reagent, in the process of work is subject to periodic recovery, washing and loosening. Regeneration is carried out by feeding a solution consisting of water and technical common salt. A concentrated solution is previously prepared in a separate tank ВПУ-1, which diluted in the ejector and fed under pressure into the upper part of the cation exchanger. Washing is carried out with normal water under pressure, which is applied for 75 minutes. The regeneration and loosening time is 55 and 15 minutes, respectively.

The standard equipment of ВПУ-1 includes all necessary equipment for the cycle, including manometers and shut-off valves.

All water treatment plants of our production are covered by a guarantee for a 1-year period from the date of commissioning, while a 2-year interval of storage of the plant is allowed without commissioning. The full service life of ВПУ-1 is 20 years, but practice shows that water treatment plants, due to the lack of moving parts, can be operated much longer. The frequency of the ВПУ overhaul is about 3 years with a 24-hour operating mode.

Technical specifications of water treatment plants ВПУ


Index Value
Capacity, m3 1,0
Hydraulic resistance without filter loading at rated output, MPa not more than 0,04
Hydraulic resistance with filter loading at rated output, MPa not more than 0,3
Completeness of sorbent discharge during hydraulic overload,% not less than 97
Reagent utilization coefficient for regeneration not more than 3,0
Salt consumption per regeneration, kg 45

Overall and mounting characteristics Water Treatment plants ВПУ