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Heating units

Heating units СТД-300

Heating units СТД-300

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Heating units AO 2

Heating units AO 2

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The advantages of the heating units produced by the Concern “Medved”
1. The units AO and СТД have the safety net that protects from impact and strains.
2. The box for connection of the unit to the network is outside the unit.
3. The warranty is 24 months.
4. Full equipment operating life is at least 12 years.

The heaters AO

Air-heating units AO and СТД are used for heating of industrial, storage, administrative and other premises. These units provide zones with a large area with warm, evenly distributed air and maintain temperature set points for a long time. Their power and performance depend on the size.
Air heating unit AO has a structure consisting of an axial fan, a heater and a frame used to install the unit in the working position. AO and СТД can also be hung on the brackets. During its operation the air drawn by the fan is heated by a heater and fed into the heated zone.
Concern Medved offers efficient air-heating units, at a price which is attractive for its democratic character. The group’s products are certified and guaranteed for 2 years.
A heating and ventilation unit from our company is the ideal solution for heating large rooms.
Analog AO is the air heating unit, АВО, which also is designed for air heating of buildings using hot water as coolant. It is installed in buildings for industrial and commercial applications.
The AВO unit has a number of advantages. Along with high performance, it has an attractive design and a lightweight body. This device can be presented in vertical or horizontal position. It is suitable for operation in a moderately cold climate and is the 4th placement category according to GOST 15150.
Steam heating units
Steam heating units are designed for space heating, agricultural, industrial and civil purposes. For operation of these units is used as the coolant of dry steam with the temperature below 180°C and a maximum pressure of 1.2 MPa. All such models consist of a set of standard elements: the axial fan and the steam heater. Steam heating unit is a fairly simple, powerful, safe and relatively inexpensive equipment.