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Boilers wood burning

Boilers КВР

Boilers КВР

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Boilers comfort

Boilers comfort

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• Series КВР – burn duration up to 25 hours on one tab.

• The COMFORT series – the combustion duration of up to 31 hours on one tab.

The boilers burn wood, sawdust briquettes, large wood chips.

1. Cost effective

Cost savings on wood – up to 65,000 rubles per season .

2. High reliability design

The boiler has a frame of increased rigidity, which excludes deformation of the body when the pressure of the coolant is exceeded.

3. No extra cost

The presence of the bottom eliminates the special preparation of the floor  which does not require additional cash costs and simplifies installation.

4. Convenience and ease of maintenance

The design of the boiler is collapsible, which allows for complete seasonal cleaning of the combustion waste and soot without disconnecting from the heating system.

5. High efficiency

An innovative method of air supply, protected by a patent, ensures uniform combustion of fuel throughout the chamber volume.  In the boiler is carried out afterburning of pyrolysis gases.  As a result, a higher boiler efficiency is 91%.


The organization of an autonomous heating system for a country house is of concern to many homeowners.  In fact, there is no cause for concern.  Today, companies engaged in the production and sale of such equipment can offer a wide range of efficient and economical products that will make it possible to provide housing with heat and hot water even without the presence of natural gas and in conditions of a shortage of electricity.  Such high-performance equipment includes solid fuel boilers of upper combustion, made by Concern “Мedved”.  They are an excellent solution for heating country houses, cottages, and other premises of up to 450 m?.


Boilers of upper combustion KВР and COMFORT are solid fuel units, in which only the upper layer of fuel burns.  Their design is equipped with a combustion chamber with top ignition.  This seemingly simple principle of combustion in practice is very effective and convenient.  It allows you to load into the furnace a large amount of wood or other solid fuel (briquettes, wood waste), thereby extending the time of work from one tab.


Advantages of solid fuel boilers


The boiler of the upper burning of KBР and COMFORT is an ideal option for heating cottages, cottages, country houses, and other premises that are located away from the main gas pipeline.  In addition, this method of heating attracts with its efficiency.  It allows you to save on the payment of expensive electricity and feel independence from the supply of gas and electricity.  Solid fuel boilers – are reliable and safe.  Their use virtually eliminates the risk of spontaneous ignition.  And most importantly, they are durable and easy to maintain.


Concern Medved – manufacturer of high-quality and reliable equipment.  We guarantee the safe operation of boilers for 15 years.  Warranty service period – 4 years from the moment of the first start of the unit.  All equipment supplied by us is certified.