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Channel-type fans КВК

Channel-type fans КВК

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Duct axial fans are used to create a comfortable microclimate with purified air and optimal humidity in industrial and other areas. They are set in a rectangular, square or round ducts, therefore, can be of three types: round, square and rectangular duct fans.

Duct fan, which price is quite affordable to every buyer, has a number of advantages:

the durability of the structure;

  • the casing of galvanized steel compact size quiet operation and minimal vibration;
  • a wide range of sizes and the ability to select the best option;
  • can be mounted in different positions: vertical, horizontal, inclined;
  • ease of installation and subsequent operation.

If you need a duct fan, you can buy it from us.

Concern Medved produces and sells high-quality and inexpensive ventilation equipment. You can buy duct fan (rectangular, square or round) with high performance and durability.